Born in rural Lincolnshire England, I studied both academics and fine arts at Sheffield Polytechnic. While attending Sheffield, I assisted in creating and designing stage backdrops and show posters for a local live theatre. Upon completion of my studies, I chose the left fork in the road and enjoyed a career in the financial services world. During those years I remained connected to my art through various outlets, including creating cartoon illustrations for a corporate banking magazine. After several years working in London and New York City my wife and I moved to a Vermont ski town where we experienced life as innkeepers. Our arrival in North Carolina has given me the opportunity to rekindle my real joy in life - exploring paint on canvas.

Artist statement

I prefer to keep an open style to my work.  While I often feel the influence of the impressionists coming to the fore, my unstructured approach tends to depend largely on the subject and mood.  My desire is to continue to evolve without any influence of 'market forces' or rigid discipline. Acrylic on canvas is my preference in the studio and when on my plein air travels, capturing the subject with oil pastel works particularly well. In addition to painting on canvas, I have been commissioned to create caricatures with cartoon captions for statesmen and dignitaries -- a different discipline in a largely undisciplined journey.